We are dedicated

to excellence, integrity, quality, and most importantly, accountability.

Natek is committed to the highest level of personal service. Our focus is on your specific staffing needs. Whether your need is to hire one or many we will custom fit a plan for success. We contribute to the success of our clients by sharing our industry knowledge and hiring expertise. However, we respect your individuality and try to customize our service to your needs.

We differentiate ourselves by honest and up front communication. We treat everyone with the highest level of respect and integrity. We take an innovative and creative approach to solving your hiring needs and then work diligently to achieve success.

Our focal point is in the technical industry sectors. We specialize in identifying top level career professionals within the energy, engineering, manufacturing, equipment and other industrial related arenas.

We have been successful in the placement of all levels of personnel ranging from top management to mid level staff positions within Fortune 1000 companies, as well as high-growth entrepreneurial companies.

Client Services

Dedicated to excellence, integrity, quality, and accountability.

Natek Values Diversity

Retained & Contingency Search

No matter what your needs, the Natek search process consists of a step-by-step plan: We first discuss the assignment in depth and to develop a specialized search outline, review the (knock-out factors), and identify the management profile. We then develop a specific search network that will lead to the location of preferred candidates. The candidates will be interviewed, have their backgrounds verified and their references checked by Natek.

Retained Search

A retained search identifies and appraises executives well-qualified to fill specific management positions. A search is always confidential and is frequently used for mid-level to senior-level management positions or for positions that are difficult to fill or for those which must be filled immediately. A retained search involves a concentrated effort. We focus our time exclusively on that particular assignment, thus enabling us to go to great lengths to identify the best available executives. Natek will continue the search for and refer candidates until the position is filled. Average searches last between 30 and 90 days.

Contingency Search

Contingency is most often used in finding candidates for entry to mid-level positions. Our time and effort is distributed among several assignments and our fee is earned upon hire of the applicant. Our recruitment fee is earned when you hire a candidate referred directly through our efforts. The terms of this agreement shall apply for one year from the date of our most recent communication regarding a candidate. Our Service Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total 1st year compensation of the candidate you decide to hire.

Annual Service

The Annual Service Program provides for preferential services and lower costs, plus priority attention to the clients personnel needs. The staff at Natek will become a valuable source in terms of understanding the clients environment and unique requirements by developing and maintaining a search network tailored to their individual requirements.

Natek will provide priority handling to all search assignments conducted for the client. We will obtain through discussions with the hiring authorities of the client, a thorough understanding of every position assigned for search. This understanding of your business operation will enhance Natek's position.

We at Natek will develop a constant flow of information from the marketplace, including; salary comparisons, service and product standing, evaluation of career opportunities, individual and competitor appraisals and additional input that will prove of increased value to the client. NaTek will compile this information into a periodic marketplace report specifically for clients participating in the Annual Retainer Program.

A small monthly retainer is paid to Natek to be applied against a lower service charge of the annual starting salary, plus incurred expenses, for all hires during the duration of the agreement. The client will be billed for each successful search on the hiring date, Natek will credit any retainer balance in the client's account at this time.